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Toolbox for divers #2 Elastic Band


Elastic Band is used in many ways with scuba diving equipment

In today’s blog post I would like to give you some information about elastic band, and where you can use it as scuba diver. This is the second piece we will put in our Toolbox for Divers.

Elastic band that can be used for scuba diving is a line made of rubber with a coat of nylon mesh. The elastic band is therefore very flexible but also durable. You can buy it in different sizes. Established sizes are 3mm and 4mm.

Elastic band can be found in every dive shop and should not be missed in a diver’s toolbox! Price per meter is about 2 Euros.

Where do you user elastic band as a Scuba Diver?


The most reasonable way to use elastic band is with your backup regulator. You can easily prepare your backup regulator with an elastic band and wear it around your neck. So you make sure that you can reach the backup easily when you need it. How to prepare the backup regulator with an elastic band can you find in this blog post: Preparing backup regulator for wearing it around your neck.

Dive Computer

Another very helpful idea ist o replace the watch straps of your computer. You just need two pieces of elastic band. The dvantage of this configuration is that you can out the computer on and off very easily. Andi f one of the bands should break you have a second one that secures the comuter to your arm. A detailled step-by-step how to can be found here: How to replace computer watch straps with rubber lines.

Pockets of dry suit

Small parts of your scuba equipment can be easily stored in one of the pockets of your dry suit. To prevent loosing these equipment you can attach it to elastic bands in the pockets. You can easily attach one or two elastic bandst o your dry suit. A blog post can be found here: Knot elastic bandst o the pocket of a dry suit.

As you can see, elastic band is another very useful piece of equipment that you have to have in your tool box. There are several other ways to use elastic band. Have a look at the other blog posts on Tips for Divers! Or use the „Search“.


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