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Ebook: Stage Tanks – Available on iTunes and Amazon


The ebook “Stage Tanks” from Tips for Divers is now available on iTunes and Amazon! 47 pages of pure knowledge about stage tanks.

If you want to extend your bottom time or take a decompression gas with you, a stage tank is a very useful piece of equipment.

The ebook “Stage Tanks” will teach you what a stage tank exactly is. How you carry one or more stage tanks with you. And you will get a collection of different how-tos and tips about the right configuration etc.

The ebook is available as download on iTunes and Amazon.

You want to know more about the content? Let’s have a look:

Table of Contents

The ebook consists of 72 pages, with several colored pictures. The table of contents is:

  • Introduction
  • Aluminium Vs. Steel
  • Diving with one, two and more stage tanks
  • Valves
  • Boltsnaps
  • Tools and Material
  • Stage Rigging Kit
  • Stage Tank Regulator
  • Stage Tank Configuration
  • Stage Tank Labeling
  • Accessories
  • How to make a Leash
  • Camelbak
  • O2 Analyzer
  • Gas Analysis right before the dive

The ebook will give you a detailed overview on what pieces of equipment you will need (tank, regulator) and what kind of materials to need to prepare the tank for a dive (rigging kit, labels).

All how-tos and tips are illustrated with lots of colored pictures. And a step-by-step text will lead you through the process of setting up your stage tank.

The ebook can be purchased through iTunes and Amazon.

Price is €4,99.

If you want to extend your bottom times, take a decompression gas with you or if you are on your way to become a technical divers, this ebook is a very helpful source to prepare yourself and your equipment.

Get the ebook here:

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