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At the beginning of 2017 GUE – Global Underwater Explorers – have launched a new platform for videos. The project is called

Of course, I had to register there and look what GUE offers at My first impressions and an overview, what kind of videos can be found there, I would like to present to you in this blog post.

The websites welcomes you with the slogan: “Welcome to, a video learning site designed to educate and inspire divers around the world”.


To get access to the video platform you have to register first. I would like to highlight right at the beginning, that is not for free. More information about prices can be found at the end of the blog post.

With your registration you will get a three day free trial.

After logging in you will be directed right to the video site. The videos are divided into several categories:

  • Diving Films
  • Recreational and Fundamental
  • Cave and Cavern
  • Technical and Rebreather
  • Equipment
  • Free Content

I would like to introduce the single categories in more detail to you:

Diving Films

In this category can be found 10 videos of several projects at the moment. Most of them are cave projects. For instance you can find a lot of WKPP (Woodville Karst Plane Project) videos. The length of the videos is between 10 and 60 minutes. This means, you can have a very relaxed day on your sofa and watch hours of project videos 🙂

Recreational and Fundamental

Here you will find a lot of educational videos highlighting skills for the recreational and fundamentals classes of GUE. You will find videos about “Basic 5” or “S-Drill” in this category. The videos are very nice edited. They show you the different exercises step by step with very good descriptions of the single steps. Dry runs can also be found here.

Cave and Cavern

Educational videos are also shown in this category – but this time especially for cave divers. The first five videos will show you who to handle spools and reels as well as line markers. A series of videos also demonstrates how to follow the guideline in a cave system.

A brand new video that has been added to this category is an introduction of Mark Messersmith (GUE instructor) showing some details on how to dive in high flow caves.

Technical and Rebreather

This part of the platform shows a lot of dry runs for technical divers. They show you things like stage tank handling, stage tank positioning and switching to deco gas.

A new class within the GUE education is diving with a CCR (rebreather). There can be also found some videos about this class – they show the GUE configuration of a JJ CCR, how the scrubber is packed in the right way and some more. A first video with under water footage has also been added: It shows how to set a buoy.


This is my favorite category! Here you can find some videos showing you how to take care of your equipment. For instance the right positioning of the chest D-rings, how you replace the bulb of your HID light or how you make a leash for deco tanks. At the moment there can be found 11 videos in this category.

Free Content

Here you can find single videos from all the above mentioned categories. You can watch this videos even if you do not have subscribed for as a paying member. Which is my next point:


As I have mentioned above a subscription for is not for free. You can get a three day trial at the beginning. After this three days you have to pay a fee to watch the videos on the platform.

Subscription costs at the moment are $ 24,99 per month. The subscription is for one month. The renewal will be done automatically as long as you do not resign. You can either pay by credit card or paypal.

My Conclusion

After my access of the first month I have nearly seen all the videos on the platform. They are really well done and nicely edited! The descriptions are very detailed and guide you step by step through the videos.

The educational videos as well as the videos about expeditions are very nice to watch. I had a good time watching them and dreaming from own projects 🙂

Within the 4 weeks I have been subscribed to two new videos have been uploaded. Following the descriptions on the platform more videos will follow. A detailed number on how many new videos will be uploaded in which time is not mentioned.

Is it worth paying for it? I think YES! You don’t have to have a subscription for several months … at least you want to support GUE with your subscription. But as there are many very good videos on the platform it is really worth the money! I will have a look at the platform on how many new videos will be uploaded within the next few weeks and months.

I think in 3-4 months I will renew my subscription and have a look what’s new.

I hope you liked this “Tested” blog post about Have you subscribed to the platform? What are you impressions? Write it down in the comments section.

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