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Prepare backup regulator for wearing it around the neck


TfD_Backup1When diving with a backup regulator,  always keep asking yourself the question every now and again “where is it stowed while diving?” A very good variation is to wear the backup regulator around your neck. This gives the advantage that you always know where the regulator is, and you can put it easily in your mouth. Here, I would like to introduce to you, a simple method to convert your backup regulator to support this:

Step 1: Cut bungee line

Bungee line with two knots at the ends

Bungee line with a knot on each end of the line

Before you cut the bungee line, on which most of the regulator depends on, you should try out different length variations. The regulator should be too tight around your neck, but also not too loose, because otherwise it can hang down too far.

Then cut the bungee line to the correct length. Make a knot at each end of the line. This will prevent the line on the regulator from slipping later. The end should be frayed, and burnt with a lighter. Remove the old cable tie from your mouthpiece.


Step 2: Attach bungee line

Step 2: Attach bungee lineIn the next step you should attach the bungee line, with a new cable tie, onto the mouthpiece. Make sure that both ends of the line are at approximately the same height, so that they do not slip back down when the cable tie is tightened. Test the cable tie after tightening it; adjust the tightness of the mouthpiece accordingly. If it can be moved too easily, make the cable tie tighter.

Step 3: Cut cable tie

Next, remove the excess part of the cable tie.

Tip: I always make sure the fastening of the cable tie is on the side of the mouthpiece. This is less likely to bother the lips while diving.

Final Result

And here the final resultAt the end, your backup regulator should look like the image here on the right.

Tip: If you remember while diving whether the bungee line was too long or too short, then the length can be fixed again.


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